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Published: 01 August 2022

Did you know?
No new petrol/diesel powered vehicles will be built beyond 2030 and no new hybrids after 2035. The switch over to eVs will require the existing electric vehicle charging infrastructure to be significantly expanded.

Our Plan
To forward plan for this event, and to try and support parishioners, Stithians Parish Council is considering installing a publicly accessible dual-point (22kW) electric vehicle charging point.

Justification - the need for an eV charging point
There are properties in Stithians Parish that do have off-road parking which means that charging an electric vehicle does/will poses a problem. In addition other properties may also not be suitably designed (from an access or services standpoint) to permit ease of installation of a home charging system. There will also be residents who cannot afford to have a charge system installed.

The Council is of the opinion that we should try and support our community so that no-one is unfairly disadvantaged.

It is proposed that the charging point be located on the highway adjacent to The Stithians Centre for the following reasons:
  • The Stithians Centre has a suitable 3-phase power supply that the charging station will require; this will help in reducing installation costs.
  • The Centre has a state-of-art solar pV array/battery back-up system installed. This means that during daylight hours excess energy from the Centre could be used to charge electric vehicles for some of our local transport requirements.
  • There is sufficient parking on the highway to accommodate the charging point in this area. Dedicated parking spaces will be required for the eV charging point (where government grants are applied for). Parking restrictions (times) will have to be applied to ensure the allocated parking spaces are available for the use of charging of electric vehicles although concessions will potentially have to be considered during peak-time traffic (e.g school drop-off and pick-up times) to avoid unnecessary congestion/disruption.
  • Easy access to all residents and in an area with regular traffic flow and street lighting.
  • Potentially attractive to people visiting our village as its location is central to all the main facilities: Stithians Centre, Seven Stars, SPAR, school, sports clubs and church.
  • Funding
  • The Council intends on either self-funding the project or applying for a government grant to cover up 75% of the cost of the installation, the balance of the money will require to be paid for by the Council.
  • The Council has already ‘ring-fenced’ £3k from the 2021/22 budget) towards the potential cost of installing a charging point.

What we will do with your input
The Council will consider all the feedback and make a decision at the Parish Council Meeting in September as to whether or not to proceed with plan. It will publish its decision and reasons behind that decision on its website within one calendar month.
Please feel free to come along and voice your opinions at September’s meeting.

What We Want You To Do
We NEED the community’s views on the plan.
Please contact us via Facebook, email or letter no later than 31st August 2022 to have an input and help formulate and guide this key transport policy for our Parish.

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