Meadowside Cemetery Meadowside Cemetery is owned and managed by Stithians Parish Council, it was opened in 2019 and provides for burials and the interment of ashes.

There is a tarmacked car park with 19 parking spaces, a central tarmacked access path with hearse access. There are 2 feature mounds for interned ashes and remembrance plaques, these also screen the car park from the patio area which overlooks the new garden of remembrance beautifully designed and planted by Stithians Gardening Club.

There is a lovely granite bench which was kindly donated by Stithians Women's Institute and provides a lovely spot for quiet reflection Meadowside is a designated ‘lawn’ cemetery, the only ornamentation permitted on a grave is a headstone. It is appreciated that many people visiting a grave may wish to express their respect with other mementoes but, to maintain a high standard of appearance and an overall harmony and tranquillity, this is not possible.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Cemetery please respect the peace and dignity of these facilities as well as other users.

Please note that whilst dogs are permitted in the cemetery they must be kept on a lead at all times without exception. Please clean up after your dog.

Further guidance & current fees are detailed in the attached documents. If you would like to know more or have any questions, please contact the Parish Clerk, Jane Richards:



cemetery opening ceremony

If you require further information regarding Meadowside Cemetery please contact the Parish Clerk, Jane Richards by email