Stithians Parish Council looks after the Playing Field, The Rugby Field, Skate Boarding Park, Tennis Court and the Public Toilets. In 2016 we renovated the Public Toilets so that we could more usefully use the space and as a result we did have a Post Office there for a short period. It is now the home of The Wellness Hut where you can access a range of services and treatments.

The Next Project



Stithians grave yards are full. Stithians Parish Council was approached to provide a municipal cemetery as the Church had no funds. After many years of negotiation we have at last (October 2016) purchased a piece of land above the Cricket Club field from the Glebe and now the real work will begin.

Ongoing Work

Building construction


Stithians Parish Council is asked to comment on all planning applications in the parish submitted to the County Council. We study each application on its merits and debate the pros and cons and hopefully come to a decision which reflects the views of the majority of the community. We can only "support" or "not support" an application but it is the Planning Authority that will make the final decision. If you want to look at a planning application the County Council website is a good place to start.

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Future Projects

people playing basketball


Stithians Parish Council have taken the first tenative steps in assessing the feasibility and projected costs of providing a sports hall for the Parishioners. After an initial study to asses the scope of sports that can be catered for we intend to have a public consultation, including the many sports clubs in the Parish, so that the community can have its say and we can all explore ways that the project can be funded.