Regrettably, due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, we had to cancel March's Parish Council Meeting which was due to take place on Tuesday 17th March and instead held a “virtual” meeting on the scheduled day where votes were conducted by e-mail. We anticipate that we will need to do the same for the April and May meetings and possibly more. The Annual Parish Meeting and Annual General Meeting may need to be rescheduled too. We will endeavour to conduct the Parish business in other ways but will publicise "Minutes" in due course on our Website so everyone is kept informed. Agendas and reports for these “virtual” meetings will be published in the normal way. You can see Agendas, Reports & Minutes HERE.

Agendas for these “virtual” meetings are necessarily restricted to essential business and we will still be considering Planning Applications, so if you would have attended to make your views known and still wish to make a representation to the Parish Council, please convey your comments in the first instance by email to the Clerk at stithianspc@aol.com and they will be taken into consideration.

Stithians is a village and parish in Cornwall. It lies at the centre of a triangle bounded by Redruth, Helston and Falmouth and has a population of over 2000. The Parish includes the villages of Stithians and Longdowns as well as several hamlets, Penhalvean, Goonlaze, Trembroath and Trethellan Water.
The ecclesiastical parish is St Stythians. There is a Parish Church and a Methodist Chapel in Stithians village.
Parish Council meetings are held at 7pm on the third Tuesday of the month in the Stithians Centre, except August. Each meeting includes a public session early in the agenda. You are welcome to attend and to participate in the public session if you wish.
Why not come along, and see how your Parish Council works and what it does. You will be most welcome.

Latest news from around the Parish



Recently the list includes youth goal posts, new toddler playground, new Cemetery, new fencing for the bowling club, declared a climate emergency, launched a playing field appeal, zip wire, mobile speed monitoring device, introduced “Stithians Noticeboard – All things Stithians” Facebook group, formulated 23 point climate action plan. In addition to these achievements we are currently working on refurbishment of the War Memorial, and further play equipment and some adult gym equipment for the playing field. Other activities include commenting on planning applications and lobbying Cornwall Council, Cormac, South West Water and other organisations on road safety issues (Longdowns especially), flooding etc.

The Parish Council comprises of 11 unpaid volunteers whose only reward is to see facilities and services in the Parish improve for the benefit of our community.



We currently anticipate a vacancy for a Parish Councillor. If you think you have the skills, experience and time to join our team to continue to improve our great Parish why not apply? To qualify you must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

       (a)   you are registered as a local government elector for the parish;

       (b)   you have during the whole of the preceding twelve months occupied as owner or tenant any land   or premises in the parish; 

        (c)   your principal or only place of work during the preceding twelve months has been in the parish; 

        (d)   you have during the whole of the preceding twelve months resided in the parish or within 4.8 km  of the Parish.

Are you still reading? Good. The role involves attending 11 meetings a year which are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday each month except August at 7.00pm in the Stithians Centre. Meetings typically last for 2 to 3 hours and you should also allow another couple of hours to read papers and prepare for the meeting. There could be additional meetings and work if you later take on specific responsibilities e.g. Playing Field, Planning etc.


Still interested? Good. Parishioners interested in joining the Council should please contact the Clerk, Mr John V Calvert by email on stithianspc@aol.com or write to him at 18 Edward Street, Tuckingmill, Camborne, TR14 8PA. Please say in your letter why you are interested in joining the Council and the skills and experience that you have that you think would be relevant and beneficial. You may also speak to the Chairman, Phil Blease, or any current Councillor for more information regarding the work of the Council. Contact details for all Councillors can be found at www.stithiansparishcouncil.org.uk/team

If you would like to help improve Stithians but do not wish to join the Parish Council team why not consider joining the Stithians Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) team who are specifically looking at how future developments will shape the Parish in years to come. For more information on the NDP please contact the NDP Chair, Claire, at clairelouth@hotmail.com The NDP team are also looking for casual helpers.

Two opportunities there to help shape and improve your community.


Still want to help but you find yourself short of time such that you cannot commit to SPC or NDP then why not simply make a donation to the Playing Field Appeal fund?

Donations can be made by:- 

  • Cheques payable to Stithians Parish Council

  • By bank transfer to SPC.  Sort Code 30-97-00 Acct No 00216766

  • Cash donations to any Parish Councillors 

We welcome all donations from businesses, groups or individuals in the community. 

Meadowside Cemetery was Opened on Friday 23rd August 2019

Stithians Parish Council declares a

Climate Emergency


2019 Plan 

The climate is changing and too many politicians & people are doing too little to address the changes. Human activity has caused about 1°C of global warming above pre-industrial levels and we are on track to overshoot the 1.5°C limit agreed by world leaders in 2016.

If we fail to address the issues, the consequences will be devastating. A rising sea level will result in widespread flooding and coastal erosion. More droughts and more wildfires will lead to desertification. Irreversible damage to wildlife will be inevitable. We will suffer large-scale water and food shortages. Public health emergencies and mass migration will become commonplace leading to political and economic instability.

In October 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report describing the enormous harm that a 2°C rise is likely to cause compared with a 1.5°C rise. The message of our scientists is clear: the time for action is NOW. Drastic changes must be made in the next 11 years if we are to prevent climate breakdown.

Stithians Parish Council (SPC) was one of the first Town & Parish Councils to declare a Climate Emergency in January 2019. This plan represents SPC’s first step in considering the options and strategies that it can adopt to make as much of an impact on carbon reduction as possible and to implement a plan of action to achieve it.

SPC will be taking action and publishing helpful tips for people to consider over the next year. You will be able to follow progress here and on:-


As a starting point we are encouraging everyone to calculate their own environmental footprint. It is easy to do, you just answer a few simple questions and hey-presto you get your environmental foot print courtesy of the World Wildlife Fund.

Get you environmental footprint here :- https://footprint.wwf.org.uk

SPC encourages everyone to work out their own environmental footprint and send the simple “tonnes” figure to phil.blease@btinternet.com so we can estimate the scope for improvement for Stithians. All data will be treated anonymously but will give an idea of the scope that the good people of Stithians can help save the planet.

The Great Garden Challenge Returns 2019 - Results

Stithians Parish Council & the Stithians Show organized the second year of the Great Garden Challenge. Entries were up by 60% this year and you can see the results in the pictures below.
Winner of the “Most Original Design Trophy” was Nicky Greasley-Sterianou who entered her “Recycled Garden”. Nothing was purchased and everything was handmade, grown or upcycled. In addition to the Trophy Nicky was awarded a Gold Certificate by the judges.
Winner of the “Most Colourful Garden Trophy” was Mrs Cope on Crellow Hill. Judges were impressed by this beautiful established garden and Mrs Cope was also awarded a Gold Certificate.
Other entries that were awarded Gold Certificates were:- Catherine Weller, Debby Blease, Anne Oliver & Deborah Smith
Silver Certificates were awarded to Katie Earl & family, Sophie & Paul Cotton, Chester & Leona Mounsher, Deborah, Sam & Emma Clements.
Bronze Certificates were awarded to Maureen Watling, Cherryl Wilkes, Carmel Waterfield, Kathy Wardle & Family, and Lorna Wragg, 
Congratulations to all our winners. Certificates and Trophys were presented at Stithians Show on Monday 15th July
A big thank you to everyone that entered and helped bring a lovely splash of colour to our beautiful village.


SPC have a number of "20 is Plenty" posters and bumper stickers. Designed to encourage people to drive at appropriate speeds especially in Stithians parish where we have many roads without pavements.

The posters are A3 size and were originally intended for sticking on the sides of wheeley-bins but if you have any smooth surface of sufficient size and location you may wish to have one.

The bumper/window stickers are about 20cm x 7 cm deep.

If you have a use for either of these items please contact


Councillor Joy Thomas on 01209 860115 or email to 

SPC is trying to facilitate as much tree planting in the parish as part of out commitment to reducing the effects of climate change.

Can YOU help?

Help us identify parcels of land where tree planting could be an option. Please email any ideas you may have to Joy Thomas on joytparish@yahoo.com

or call her on 01209 860115

Joy, as Environmental portfolio holder for SPC is working with Stithians Energy Group to identify as many potential tree planting sites as possible. 

Please do what you can to help.



Stithians Parish Council launches an appeal to improve & extend the play equipment in the playing field. We have established a youth football area, a zip wire and a large extension to the toddler play area and are considering more facilities.


You can help shape the future of Stithians?


Neighbourhood Development Steering Group issue their first Press Release.


If you are interested in the process, either as part of the initial steering group or if you want to get involved further down the road please contact Claire Dower 07725218103 email 

Clairesylvester.spc@outlook.com to register your interest.

The ANNUAL PARISH MEETING was held on 23rd April 2019. The Chairman gave a detailed presentation of what the Parish Council achieved in the last year and what we hope to achieve during the next 12 months. You can read the full report by clicking the link below.


The new noticeboard is up and running. Situated opposite the Spar shop it is highly visible and centrally located. In addition to Parish Council notices it is intended for community use. 


You can leave your notices (preferable A4 size) in the Spar Shop. These will be collected twice a week and if appropriate they will be posted on the new notice board by a member of the Parish Council.


Any community notice publicising any event in Stithians Parish or close by. Priority will be given to Stithians Parish. You cannot post "items for sale" or "lost or found items or animals"


The Spar and Cost Cutters offer a service. There is also a very useful virtual noticeboard called Stithians Noticeboard - All Things Stithians on Facebook which everyone can use for any appropriate notices.

Aggh   More Roadworks!!

Did you know you can check out all programmed non emergency road works in your area and around the country too. It can help you plan your routes and save you hours in queues of traffic no matter where you live. You can even see why the roadworks are there and which company is responsible whether it is a utility, a builder or the County Council. All you have to do  is visit roadworks.org for this and much more information.

Invasive Plants in Stithians

There are a number of invasive plant species that can have a detrimental effect to your property and land and in extreme cases can even affect its value. These plants can include


Do you know how to identify these problem plants?

There is a wealth of information published on Cornwall Council website which will help you identify if you have a problem and, if you do, what you can do to resolve it.

Simply click on each of the plants above for full information and advice.

There is also a useful App which you can use out and about to identify and report invasive plants in the countryside. The app is called PlantTracker and can be downloaded to your device for free

Bus Timetables have changed again.

Click on the bus to see the latest timetables.

Children of Stithians show us all the way to keep our Parish looking neat & tidy

Steam Engines often visit Stithians? Here is a new gallery of over 60 pictures and you can see here.

Do you live next to a river or stream?

A must read document

A guide to your rights and responsibilities of riverside ownership

Half Moon Wood

Management Plan 2017-2022

More Views of the Parish

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