Stithians Energy Group currently have a vacancy on the SEG committee. The committee meets monthly to discuss and organise exciting events to help the people in and around Stithians to reduce their carbon footprint.

For more information please contact  Brian Piper on 01209 860078 or email

A short video demonstates the issues in two and half minutes

Nikki Jones makes welcome return to Stithians

Nikki Jones made a welcome return to Stithians with another informative talk on Climate Change The date was Friday 9th March 7.30 to 9.30 pm at The Stithians Centre.


This talk focused on the effect of land use on climate change. Did you know that 24% of the UK greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to agriculture, forestry and other land use. Nikki's talk included :- How our soil and trees sequester carbon, how our peat lands and forests must be protected, how we should farm our land to prevent water runoff and loss of top soil (we have lost a third of top soil in the last 100 years), the use of nitrogen fertilisers, pesticide, herbicide and fungicides and livestock farming. 


Nikki also gave an update on UK government policy on Climate Change and look at how and why you, as a consumer, can make choices which could make a difference.

Nikki Jones is a researcher, writer and journalist on oil, gas and energy and is an excellent speaker. Stithians Energy Group (SEG) is very pleased that Nikki has agreed to donate her time and expertise once more following her first talk in Stithians which was attended by over 50 people who all enjoyed the very thought provoking content.


If we stay on the current path the world will be 4 to 6 degree C hotter by 2100

At that level it is "Game Over" for man kind and many other species

At only 3 degrees temperature rise there will be massive social unrest and mass migration

A child at school today is likely to witness these occurrences unless the world gets to grip with the problems very soon

SEG was pleased to host the very first SEG event which was a talk by Nikki Jones, entitled ''What's the way forward on climate change?''


The talk was attended by over 50 people from Stithians and surrounding parishes. Nikki Jones is a researcher, writer and journalist on oil, gas and energy. Nikki's talk explained the urgency of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to mitigate climate change and how the world and the UK can achieve this. It explains the impact of various existing and new technologies and how we can all help to achieve a brighter future without fossil fuels.

The talk was very informative and gave a very clear idea of how serious the situation is and the dire consequences of not addressing the problem. However it also demonstrated many areas where significant progress is and has been achieved and how the pressure for change has to come from us all to ensure the right solutions are found in this country and globally before it is too late.


A 25 second video to show you the problem in a nutshell.

Brian Piper has established a group of like minded people in the Parish of Stithians and surrounding areas to join Stithians Energy Group (SEG).

The objective of SEG is to encourage and help individuals, families and the community to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The group will organise educational events with films and guest speakers. Events will be fun and include refreshments and give you a chance to chat and exchange experiences as well as being friendly social occasions

Climate change is the biggest threat humanity has ever had to face. In 2016 ALL of the world governments finally came to an agreement to restrict global warming to 2C°. Even at these levels we will all be affected with more extreme weather events, droughts, famines, floods and air pollution. Are we really being responsible custodians of our planet for our children and children's children. 

Brian has set up SEG and Stithians Parish Council (SPC) is supporting the project. This support is not financial but includes voluntary help and hosting this webpage until SEG has its own website.

However the project will not be viable unless you and others engage with SEG and support events.

To help Brian keep you informed of developments and future events please complete the short form below. 

SEG topics can include :-

Energy conservation

Draft proofing

Home insulation

Low cost lighting

Various Heating Sources

Heat pumps




Car shares

Electric cars

Public Transport

Electrical generation

Solar panels

Micro wind

Battery Storage

Waste reduction


Rain water harvesting

and much, much more